Fleetclear Connect

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Fleetclear Connect - fleet management software.

Innovation, integrated.

Discover Fleetclear Connect, the ultimate solution for streamlined fleet management. Seamlessly integrating all vehicle safety technology, Fleetclear Connect offers comprehensive asset tracking, real-time telematics data analysis, operational safety deployment, event reconstruction with integrated compliance tools, and cutting-edge live video integration. Tailored to fit any vehicle type, Fleetclear Connect is fully customisable, providing the perfect solution for your fleet needs.

Tailored warranties.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a  personalised warranty tailored to your Fleet's unique requirements.

Nationwide support.

In times of emergency, our nationwide repair and maintenance service can be dispatched in as little as three hours.

Seamless integration.

All Fleetclear hardware and software solutions are seamlessly integrated to provide a unique user-friendly experience.

Fleetclear Connect - fleet management software on laptop.

Innovative features.

Customisable Dashboard: Tailor your widget dashboard and filter out unnecessary information.

Driver Identification: Identify drivers for accountability.

First Notification of Loss (FNOL): Report to an insurance provider following an insured asset's loss, theft or damage.

Fuel Monitoring: Real-time fuel consumption monitoring and optimisation.

Real-Time Traffic: Overlay real-time traffic information and make changes to your route.

Geo-Fencing: Define geographic boundaries for your fleet.

Route Optimisation: Optimise routes for efficiency.

Speeding Alerts: Receive road-related speeding alerts.

Map & Asset Display: View maps and asset locations.

Event Reconstruction: Detailed timeline of event data for analysis.

Health Status: Automatic health status updates.

Multi-Asset Timeline Slider: Easily review historical assets location simultaneously.

Data Logging: Built-in data logging for up to ten years.

GDPR Compliant: Safely managed, GDPR compliant with fast and reliable remote connection.

Operational Alerts: Stay informed with operational alerts.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Monitors driver behaviour with efficiency score and behaviour alerts.

Hardware Security: Anti-tamper hardware for added security.

Non-Vehicle Asset Tracking: Monitor non-powered assets, including trailers, mobile sweeping units, lone workers, plant and tools and more.

Accurate reporting.

Mileage Report: Uncover insights into vehicle usage, helping you manage maintenance schedules and reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Fuel Report: Track fuel expenses, enabling you to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise your fleet's fuel efficiency.

Driving Time Report: Ensure compliance with driving time regulations, enhancing driver safety and minimising legal risks.

Idle Report: Highlight instances of excessive idling, allowing you to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Power Take-Off (PTO) Report: Monitor equipment usage, optimising productivity and reducing downtime.

True Idle Report: Identify genuinely wasteful idling, helping you reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Timesheet Report: Simplify payroll management by accurately tracking driver hours and simplifying wage calculations.

Speeding Report: Enhance safety by identifying and addressing instances of excessive speed, reducing the risk of accidents.

Carbon Report: Quantify your fleet's carbon footprint, supporting sustainability efforts and eco-friendly operations.

Unauthorised Journey Report: Monitor unauthorised vehicle use, enhancing security and ensuring proper fleet utilisation.

Asset Odometer Report: Ensures accurate equipment and vehicle odometers, helping with maintenance planning and warranty compliance.

Utilisation Report: Evaluate driver and vehicle utilisation to streamline your fleet size and measure performance levels.


Which vehicles can be monitored with Fleetclear Connect?

Fleetclear Connect can be used with any vehicle. Including but not exclusive to: M1 vehicles - passenger cars, M2 and M3 vehicles - buses and coaches, N1 vehicles - light goods vehicles (up to 3,500kgs), N2 and N3 vehicles - heavy goods vehicles (over 3,500kgs) and O1, O2, O3 and O4 vehicles - light and heavy trailers. We can also monitor non-powered assets such as trailers, mobile sweeping units, lone-workers, and tools.

Can Fleetclear Connect be customised to my fleet's needs?

Yes, Fleetclear Connect is fully customisable and tailored to your needs. Not sure what you need? – We are industry experts. Talk to us to discuss what tools we can provide to help your operation.

Is Fleetclear Connect secure?

Fleetclear Connect is a web-based platform that protects personal and sensitive data from cyber-attacks and security threats in compliance with ISO27001.

Do I need training to use Fleetclear Connect?

Fleetclear Connect is extremely intuitive and easy to use. For those needing additional assistance, we offer ongoing, comprehensive training and support to ensure that users are comfortable using our software.

How much does Fleetclear Connect cost?

Our Fleetclear Connect packages are tailored to individual client needs. To obtain pricing information, please schedule a demo or consultation with us.

Drive your business forward with Fleetclear.

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