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Achieve optimal safety, efficiency, and compliance for your fleet through a collaborative approach with a single, trusted supplier.

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How we can help

Optimise your fleet's performance.

Increase safety & security.

Safety is at the core of Fleetclear’s mission – it’s why we were founded over a decade ago as Innovative Safety Systems. Our continued commitment to safety means we are constantly looking at innovative ways of making fleets safer through technology.

Maximise efficiency & reduce costs.

We believe that fleet efficiency doesn’t stop when your vehicles do. We aim to ensure each aspect of your organisation is performing at it’s best. Our integrated hardware and software combined with data analysis will maximise productivity throughout your organisation.

Stay 100% compliant.

As the emphasis on safer and more eco-friendly commercial vehicles continues to grow – so does the amount of legislation organisations must comply with. Fleetclear serves to help by providing accurate and realtime data enabling your business to stay 100% compliant.

Your problems, our solutions

Customer-driven innovation.

Fleetclear Connect

Connecting you, your drivers and technology.

Fleetclear Connect - fleet management software.

Protect cyclists and vulnerable road users.

Cyclear - vehicle safety technology.
Reverse Radar

Object detection with automatic braking.

Reverse Radar - vehicle safety technology.
Digital Video Recording

Tailored surveillance solutions for any vehicle.

Vehicle digital video recording.
Anti-Roll & Driver ID

Protection from theft and roll-aways.

Anti-Roll & Driver ID - vehicle safety technology.
Why Fleetclear?

Navigating the road to success together.

Driving innovation.

The fleet industry is constantly moving – and so are we. Modern-day fleet owners face a whole new range of challenges. As businesses become more complex to run, better tools are needed to meet these challenges, and this is where our technology comes in.

Fully integrated.

Our focus is on data-driven integrated systems that enhance and future-proof fleets. By closely integrating software with hardware, we create a unique, reliable, user-friendly experience backed by market-leading after-sales support.

A collaborative process.

At Fleetclear, we collaborate closely with our customers and partners to develop effective solutions tailored to their unique needs. This commitment ensures high-quality products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

"Fleetclear has a collaborative, inclusive approach, which we like. They listen to the challenges we face and develop products that address them. We are delighted to have been involved in some of their product development."

Chris Davison

Group Fleet Manager, Norse Group Ltd

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