Anti-Roll & Driver ID

Protection from theft and roll-aways.

Anti-Roll & Driver ID - vehicle safety technology.

Innovative safety and security.

Elevate your commercial vehicle safety with the Anti-Roll & Driver ID. Our cutting-edge solution provides unmatched protection against roll-aways and ensures driver identification with advanced features such as automatic park-lock, robust safety controls, comprehensive data recording, and real-time monitoring through Fleetclear Connect. Enhance your fleet's security and performance with Anti-Roll & Driver ID.

Tailored warranties.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a  personalised warranty tailored to your Fleet's unique requirements.

Nationwide support.

In times of emergency, our nationwide repair and maintenance service can be dispatched in as little as three hours.

Seamless integration.

All Fleetclear hardware and software solutions are seamlessly integrated to provide a unique user-friendly experience.

Man driving HGV.

Innovative features.

Anti-Roll Safety: Prevents unintended movement with automatic brake application.

Driver ID Options: Multiple methods for driver identification, including RFID, keypad, and covert actuator.

Robust Safety Controller: Reliable CANBUS safety controller.

Programmable Audible Warnings: Customisable audio alerts for operators and the public.

Data Logging: Built-in data logging for up to three years.

Verbal Warnings: Optional verbal warnings and health status alerts with internal and external speakers.

Solid State Switching: MOSFET technology ensures durability with no mechanical wear-out.

Vehicle Monitoring: Monitors brake valve solenoid, seat switch, and door switch.

CANBUS Safety Checks: Speed sanity checks, acceleration/deceleration rate monitoring, and signal presence checks.

Built-in Test Mode: Simplifies daily checks.

Real-Time Monitoring: Track in real-time via Fleetclear Connect.

Durable Enclosure: Developed for harsh environments, including quarry and mining.

Water-Resistant: Protected against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs.

Anti-Vibration & Anti-Shock: IP69K, Vibration tested (25G) & shock tested (50G).

Real-World Tested: Proven performance on UK roads in real-world conditions.

How it works

Driver ID

  • As soon as the driver exits the cab the vehicle is immobilised.
  • Attempts to drive the vehicle are blocked until the driver is identified using RFID, keypad or covert actuator.


  • As soon as the driver exits the cab the vehicle is immobilised.
  • Attempts to drive the vehicle are blocked until the driver is identified using RFID, keypad or covert actuator.

Data Analysis

  • A built-in data recorder logs over 50 event types including when the system is deployed.

Connected technology.

Unlock the full potential of Anti-Roll & Driver ID with Fleetclear Connect! Monitor and record all activations in real-time. Empower Fleet Managers to proactively oversee safety technology deployment with our seamless interface, connecting all our technologies. Your ultimate tool for enhancing fleet performance!

Fleetclear Connect - fleet management software.


Which vehicles can Anti-Roll & Driver ID be fitted to?

Anti-Roll & Driver ID can be installed in any commercial vehicle as a warning system. It can integrate with electronically controlled pneumatic braking systems. It is not suitable for passenger cars.

Do I need Fleetclear Connect to use Anti-Roll & Driver ID?

No, you don't need Fleetclear Connect to use Anti-Roll & Driver ID, but it significantly enhances the product by offering real-time monitoring and recording of activations.

How much does Anti-Roll & Driver ID cost?

The cost of Anti-Roll & Driver ID is customised to fit the requirements of your specific fleet of vehicles. Our Fleetclear packages are tailored to individual client needs. To obtain pricing information, please schedule a demo or consultation with us.

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